El Boqueron | Finding Our Way Around An Active Volcano With A New Friend

El Boqueron is a crater right above the capitol city of El Salvador, San Salvador. The crater has a nice viewpoint boardwalk but we decided we wanted more from El Boqueron. We decided to walk around the entire crater.

$2USD each and $2 for the van parking. It’s only $1 for cars, I said was had a van by accident so we were charged for a “microbús.”

Edwin a 64 year old man we saw eating mangos at a viewpoint came with us around the crater. Edwin is an El Salvadoran and US citizen. He never went around the entire crater before only to the viewpoints as a kid.

We knew we had to try to go around, we were just lucky to find someone to come with us, who had also never done it but had always wanted too.

We all clambered up the steep grassy wall to let a horse and his friend pass us on the skinny trail.

We would recommend doing this hike with a couple friends. The trail is overgrown in some areas around the halfway point, so more pairs of eyes to see the trail is a good idea. Also there is a risk of falling down into the crater in one spot.

A guard told us it was not a good idea to walk the crater because of the small towns along the walk. Everyone we met was friendly and just went along with their day. The farmers along the crater do walk with dogs that may bark but they were just alerting their family to people on the trail.

After about halfway the trail does deteriorate. We could find it but it was super overgrown, we had to duck below vines and watch our step for roots popping out of the ground.

At one point we stopped to look at something and my feet became covered in ants within 30 seconds. I only got a couple bites but watching crawlies all over you is scary.

The views for almost the entire hike were absolutely amazing!

While walking with Edwin he told us he’s 64, newly retired. He fell a few times but always got up without help and made it around the crater with us!

It took 4 hours instead of 2.5 but we took a long break and admired the view.

We also made a YouTube about our excursion!